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My Two Weeks at MJH Accountants, by Abdul Aslam


My name is Abdul and I’m 25 years old.

I’ve been good with numbers since I was a child and have always known whatever career path I subsequently chose would involve numbers. I studied an accounting module in college and really enjoyed it, which led to me deciding to study accountancy at University.

Financial Planning and Review of Year End Reports

I’ve worked in many office environments, predominantly call centres, and have extensive customer service experience. My roles have ranged from customer service advisor, sales advisor to becoming a lead agent. Before I came to MJH Accountants I hadn’t previously considered doing any voluntary work, but it became clear that it would be increasingly difficult for me to get a job in accountancy without having any actual experience.

I researched numerous local accountancy firms and thought the MJH website looked very professional. The website portrays a friendly and welcoming office. The great accessible location was another bonus factor. I also admire the fact that Mark has ventured out on his own and see this as a massive achievement, especially at such a young age.

Even though I have been accustomed to working in different office environments, MJH is like nothing else I have experienced. The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and professional – all at the same time! Everybody at MJH is extremely welcoming and helpful and it was great being part of the team.

The team at MJH.

The biggest challenge I faced whilst I was there was trying to remember everything, as there was a lot to learn. I wanted to ensure that I absorbed as much information as I could. I took my pen and pad everywhere with me, making many useful notes, which helped me then and continue to help me now. Keeping up with Mark was also a bit challenging as he moves at a pace and expects you to keep up. I think I did okay, at least I kept up as best I could!

I am definitely driven to achieving a career in accountancy and am looking forward to overcoming the challenges on the path of my five year plan.

I enjoyed every minute of being part of Team MJH and the two weeks flew by. I have learnt so much and this opportunity actually led to me being offered a new accountancy post in Blackpool, which I’m naturally over the moon about. The experience I gained at MJH certainly played a huge part in me securing this new role.

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