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Retirement Planning

Deciding on when to retire can be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make. It’s essential that you plan for retirement carefully.

Retire on your own terms and live your dream retirement life. MJH Accountants Preston and our financial advice partners can help you plan and navigate through this important time to get the end result you desire.

Once you have reached your retirement age you will have a pension pot which you will have to decide how to use to provide you an income. There are lots of options available, some more complex than others, but deciding which is right for you is not straightforward.

But even before you get to that stage, there are tricky questions you might need help with such as can you afford to retire? Should you bring all your pension pots together? How much will your State Pension be? Getting advice can help you successfully navigate through this important time and get the end result you desire – Speak to the team at MJH Accountants in Preston for more information on getting the most out of your retirement or explore all our personal services.

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