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October 2017 Newsletter


“Employees are a company’s greatest asset – they’re your competitive advantage” – Anne Mulcahy


We are excited to announce the appointment of 3 new members who will be joining the already amazing MJH team before the end of the year.

Henry Pearson has joined the firm as a trainee accountant and will be working hard towards his AAT qualification over the next 3 years. Henry has recently completed his A-levels at Kirkham Grammar School and is also a high-flying rugby player for Fylde.

Mark expressed his delight at the arrival of yet another young apprentice at the firm.

“We always try to recruit school and college leavers where we can as the passion that they bring is infectious and inspires the whole team. Enthusiasm and drive are the lifeblood of a professional practice and such attributes simply cannot be taught; you either have them or you don’t. Henry ouses these qualities and we are very excited to welcome him to the fold.”

Henry commented;

 “From first arriving at MJH, I have been made to feel welcome and have quickly settled into the team. I have learnt within my first week that this is an outstanding organisation and one which will allow me to grow and prosper within the accounting industry whilst at the same time gaining my AAT Accountancy qualification. I look forward to my time at MJH and I am keen to excel in all areas of my work.”

We are also looking forward to the arrivals of Megan Jenkinson who is joining the firm as an apprentice later this month and Ian Walling, an experienced Chartered Accountant who starts in December.

“If you haven’t got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble” – Bob Hope


We know it only seems like 5 minutes since last year but Christmas will be here again in a flash, and as you know, we at MJH like to plan ahead.

We are hosting the MJH Christmas Party on 7th December which once again will be at St Anthony’s Social Centre, located less than 2 minutes from our office in Fulwood.

In the true spirit of Christmas and goodwill to all, we will be raising funds for 2 charities on the day;

Keeping Kate is helping fund Kate’s fight against cancer which has now consumed over 60% of her body and who’s only realistic option of defeating this terrible disease is to travel to Germany for private treatment. Kate is a local lady from Chorley and mother to a young daughter, so we wanted to help.

We will also be supporting the North West Air Ambulance, a charity which you will all be familiar with but hopefully never need to use. NWAA relies completely on donations from the public and needs £6.5m per annum to survive!

The party will start at 4pm and there will be food, a free bar, party music, a quiz, even a chocolate fountain and much much more!

Invitations will be going soon but make sure you save the date! 7th December from 4pm

“You usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for.” – Craig Bruce


It’s been a 40 year delay but the long-awaited Broughton Bypass finally opens to traffic. The new route, named James Towers Way after a local war hero, was commissioned to relieve the congestion between the M55 intersection and Broughton with an expected reduction to the number of vehicles of around 90 per cent. The bypass also aims to reduce the high levels of air pollution in the area which air quality test have determined to be one of the most polluted in the county.


The new road that had taken 3 decades for Lancashire County Council to grant planning permission for was held up on construction for a further decade whilst being held up by the controversial Whittingham Hospital housing development. Even since work began in January 2016, the bypass has seen delays and rising costs, initially planned as a year-long, £24m project.


James Towers’ granddaughter Glynis Castle, who lives in Preston, said: “We are very proud and pleased with this tribute to my grandfather. It seems very appropriate that it’s in Broughton, as he lived and worked here.


One resident commented “It’s great news for residents like us if most of the traffic disappears, especially the HGVs.”

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