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Wealth Management

Wealth Management – retention and preservation.

A former Chancellor of the Exchequer once said that Inheritance Tax is a voluntary tax. We believe the success we achieve in helping clients maximise their wealth should enable them  to retain their wealth, and also its tax efficient transfer – preferably tax-free – to those they most wish to benefit. Whilst maximising returns to provide our clients with the levels of income they require to enjoy their lives to the full, we also work with them to ensure that they protect their assets and facilitate their successful transfer to their chosen beneficiaries.

Many clients are increasingly concerned about the possibility of needing long-term care in their later years, and are fearful of the financial consequences this can involve. We are professionally qualified to give advice in this important area and can provide clients (and their professional advisers) with advice to protect their existing investments, homes and other assets that may otherwise have to be sold to fund nursing home fees and costs.


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