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June 2016 Newsletter


“While looking one’s best was important to my mother, looking natural took precedence.” Betty Jamie Chung.

We will certainly be aiming to look our natural best on Tuesday 12th July at 2pm! Why specifically at that time you might ask? And maybe more importantly, how? Well, we will be aiming to impress the BIBAs Judges as we are through to the FINALS of the 2016 Professional Service Business of the Year! We will be welcoming the Judges to MJH at 2pm on 12th July as they try to make their important decision on who will win the category this year. Janet and Jen from Helping Hands will be with us the night before whipping the office up into tip top form. These ladies work miracles for us on a monthly basis and are sure to dazzle the Judges with their professional cleaning skills.

BIBAS_FINALISTS_2016_Professional Practice of the Year

Watch this space! We are aiming to go one step further this year – that is on to the stage to collect a trophy and do the “BIBAs Bend” with all the other category winners in the grand finale!

“I am not what you see. I am what time and effort and interaction slowly unveil.” Richelle E. Goodrich.

What a fantastic opportunity St Catherine’s Hospice Ascot Event gave us to get to know some of our clients, neighbours and networking partners better! The event was a glamorous sell-out, with exquisite food, beautiful décor and amazing company.



We had 3 raffle winners on our table alone, along with winners on the horses. Andrea was unsure as to whether to return to work on the Friday after her enormous win! But then, £8.75 doesn’t go that far these days! We sincerely thank Lynne Whittaker and her team for organising such a brilliant event and our guests for taking time out of their busy schedules to support the vital work of St Catherine’s Hospice.

“There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.” Abraham Lincoln.

Thanks for that gem Abe! John Grayston from Lifestylefoto made sure that we all looked our very best for our most recent photoshoot.

He didn’t disappoint – he even brought his iconic step-ladders to create his trademark ‘photos with a difference’. Check out John’s work on our website – you can’t help but be impressed. John can even make our very photogenic selves look even better! How did he achieve this? John puts you totally at your ease, making you smile and laugh effortlessly. His “work it” instruction had everyone in stitches. We sure are used to work of a different nature, but it was great fun to work the camera with John!

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