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Switch to BrightPay and Modulr for simpler, faster, more powerful & more secure payroll.

We're evolving our payroll offering to transform the payroll experience for you and your employees. Just an additional £1 per employee per month and the first month FREE. Speak to our payroll team today to make the switch.

Improve and automate your payroll with BrightPay Connect and Modulr. Access an all-new cloud-based BrightPay Connect online payroll portal for both you and your employees, bringing a wide range of features and benefits including an employee self-service app plus you can now automate payments to staff and HMRC with our new Modulr partnership. Compare payroll plans

Improve and automate your payroll with BrightPay Connect and Modulr. Access an all-new cloud-based BrightPay Connect online payroll portal for both you and your employees, bringing a wide range of features and benefits including an employee self-service app plus you can now automate payments to staff and HMRC with our new Modulr partnership. Compare payroll plans

What is BrightPay Connect?

BrightPay Connect introduces you to an easy to use online dashboard with a wide range of features and benefits for employers and managers + a self-service user app & portal for your employees.

Secure & GDPR Compliant

You have an additional layer of data protection with automated backups of payroll data, employee self-service access, centralised document storage, encrypted document exchange and secure communications.

HR & Leave Management Tool

Benefit from a ready-to-go, easy-to-use HR software solution, streamlining previously cumbersome people management tasks. HR software does not need to be complicated or out-of-reach for the small employer.

Online Access 24/7

You have instant access to payroll information, anywhere, anytime. Access payslips, run payroll reports and view amounts due to HMRC without having to wait for your payroll processor to send the information to you.

Automated Payslip Distribution

Some payroll processors send payslips directly to the employer to distribute the payslips to their employees. Payslips are automatically available to employees through their secure self-service portal, eliminating the need to print or email payslips to employees.

Reduce your HR Workload

With the employee self-service system employees can retrieve their historic payslips, view their annual leave calendar, check their leave balance remaining and update their personal information, all without once contacting HR personnel, freeing up time to focus on core business functions.

Full Control

Although your payroll processor completes the payroll for you, you can maintain full control over your payroll. With the ability to upload employee hours and approve the payroll, you have flexibility and control of the payroll and you can authorise the payroll run before the payslips are issued to employees.

Payroll & Employee Records

Instantly access your employees' payslips and payroll documents, run your own payroll reports, and view amounts due to HMRC anywhere, anytime through your secure online portal. Employers and managers can keep track of their employee’s basic personal details, which can be updated by employees. This ensures that you have the most accurate and current details on file for your employees.

Employee Calendar

The real-time employee calendar allows you and other managers to see at a glance who is on leave, when, and whether they are on annual leave, unpaid leave, parenting leave or sick leave.

Leave Management

Employees can submit holiday requests with a few simple clicks. Managers will be notified of the request and can view the holiday calendar online before approving, ensuring that you always have sufficient cover.

Company Messaging

Whether it’s an important memo, the company newsletter, or details of a staff party, the notification system will transform internal communications. All employees can be kept up-to-date on what is happening in the workplace, regardless of where they are located.

Upload Employee Hours

Upload Employee Hours - Easily submit your employee hours each pay period to your payroll processor through your secure online portal. You can also inform your payroll processor of any new employees.

Approve Your Payroll

Instantly approve the payroll figures through your secure online employer dashboard, eliminating the need to send documents with sensitive personal information by email.

HR Documents & Resources

You can share documents and resources with individuals, teams or the whole company at the touch of a button. Track who has viewed circulated documents and who has not.

Secure Cloud Storage

When it comes to payroll, data security is extremely important. Payroll information is stored on Microsoft Azure, which is one of the safest ways to store personal data securely.

Employee Self-Service App & Portal

Invite your employees to their online self-service portal and employee app where they can access their payslip library, request annual leave, access HR documents and update personal contact details. Find out more. Employees can download their employee app on their Smartphone or tablet giving them instant access to their payroll information – on the go. The employee app is available to download for free on any Android or iOS device.

• 24/7 online access anywhere, anytime
• Alerts and notifications directly to the employee’s smartphone
• A digital payslip library with current and historic payslips
• View and download HR documents and resources
• View an employee calendar with past and scheduled leave
• Request leave on the go from the employee’s smartphone
• View their leave balance remaining
• Read internal company messaging
• Update their personal contact details

Take the headache out of payroll

Modulr enables fast, secure and easy payroll payments from within BrightPay - Let us handle your payments, while you grow your business.

Simple payroll payments

MJH have teamed up with Modulr and Brightpay to offer a payments account, which enables a fast, secure and easy way to make and manage payments from Brightpay. Payroll payments can now be initiated within Brightpay without the need for payment files, allowing for a flexible, secure and fast way for accountants and bureaus to manage client payroll.

3 easy step payment workflow

1. Once payslips are finalised within Brightpay, select ‘pay by Modulr’ to send the payment instructions to Modulr, without the need for manual payment file exporting. 2. Approvers are notified payments are awaiting approval and can approve by secure 2FA 3. Transfer funds to the Modulr account in one single transaction from the primary business account. Once the account is funded, employees can be paid in minutes

Save time and maximise efficiency:

Remove manual processes and the risk of insecure file transfers. There’s no more need for manual exports or file uploads to banks.

Eliminate costly payroll errors

No one likes to make mistakes, especially when it’s employees that need paying. Ensure you pay the right amount on time, every time without double and triple-checking the payment file.

Secure and compliant network

Get peace of mind with secure, encrypted communication between parties, with easy-to-manage approval flows.

Real-time and 24/7 payments

Get ultimate convenience with real-time and 24/7 payments with Faster Payments, giving you the flexibility to schedule payments in advance or make last minute changes

Payroll plan comparison

Standard Payroll Service

£25.50 + £2.50 per employee

  • Preparation of payslips and employer reports provided to employer by secure portal
  • Submission of RTI returns to HMRC
  • Submission of Pension reports to pension provider
  • P45s and P60s provided to employer by secure portal
  • P11Ds provided to employer and submitted to HMRC (add-on)
  • Attachment of earnings management (add-on)
  • Holiday pay management (add-on)
  • Auto-enrolment setup and statements of compliance (add-on)

MJH Premium Payroll Service
In association with BrightPay & Modulr

£25.50 + £3.50 per employee

  • Provision of payslips directly to staff via their own secure portal / mobile app
  • Streamlined staff payment process as this is done automatically with a single approval from you for each payment run
  • Holiday / other leave management transformed via employee / employer portal
  • Streamlined new employee onboarding and goodbye to paper forms

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